Data Secrets

A 2 day workshop to data journalism, that will allow journalists  to use data effectively in their storytelling.  Participants will be taken through tools and resources and offering a support network for  future endeavours.

  • Intro To Data Journalism
  • Data Familiarity session
  • Story Deep Dives: Make roadmaps for stories and move the data through the story telling frame.
  • Tool Deep Dive: Using data tools and troubleshooting

Understanding Urban Sustainability

The biggest challenges for cities in their quest for economic growth is environmental sustainability and social inclusion. While there have been many isolated initiatives focusing on sustainable cities, few have brought together ordinary citizens and kept them in the centre while designing solutions.

With citizen engagement growing and more people taking ownership of public problem solving, communities can learn, engage and work towards more sustainable neighbourhoods.

Learn about urban issues and solutions in the space of solid waste management, energy, water, transportation and biodiversity from experts and citizen change makers. Includes individual action and choices that contribute to sustainability.

Understanding City Governance

How does Bengaluru function? What does the state do, what is the role of the city municipal corporation? Where does the money come from? Who takes care of roads, water supply and garbage clearance. Learn about the different arms of the government, the parastatals and their relation with the citizen.

What has been Bangalore’s journey in the last decade? What are the problems we are facing and how did they develop? Who is solving those issues and how?

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