Watershed Moments: Workshop Presentations

Day 1

Setting the Context | Why the workshop

By Meera K, Co Director, Co Media Lab

Context to Water Situation by Co-Media Lab on Scribd

Primer on Water – Environment, Hydrology and Water Sources

By S Vishwanath, Water Expert.


Primer on Water: Understanding Water Recycling and Sewage Treatment

By Nagesh Aras

How STP Works by Co-Media Lab on Scribd

Case studies and solutions – 1

By Avinash Krishnamurthy, Biome Environmental Trust

Waste Water? Or Waste of Water? – Water Optimization Case Studies

By Srinivasan Sekhar

Watershed Moment – Water Case Studies Oct2016 by Co-Media Lab on Scribd

A water-neutral campus

By Srinivasan Sekhar

TZed – A Water Neutral Campus by Co-Media Lab on Scribd

Narratives and resources on water

By Priya Desai, India Water Portal

Presentation – India Water Portal – Co Media Lab Workshop by Co-Media Lab on Scribd

Films screened


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  1. Bangalore has lost its greenery and its natural vegetation. Sky crapers have taken over and the construction is at fast pace. The people have come to bangalore and it cannot sustain.There are many establishments, and the water sourcers is not enough for the city. Proper planning would have helped bangalore to retain its greenery.The city should not extend beyond certain radius so that it remain a beautiful lousy city.

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