Water tankers have residents concerned

The rising demand for water in the city has forced residents to rely on water tankers; Sources of tanker water remains questionable

Local water concern has gripped the citizens. Pic: Arindam DS

The water crisis in Bengaluru  is at an all-time-high, and tankers are the last straw. While people are largely dependent on tanker water, they are least aware of where these tankers source the water from. They are kept in dark.

The tankers are generally believed to extract water  from groundwater sources (borewells) that are found around the city. But sometimes, these sources are located near harmful waste sites and the citizens who buy this water are oblivious to the fact When this reporter asked a, the president  of an apartment association Kalyani says “we are never informed of the sources. We were just told that the water tankers are filled directly from rivers and lakes. Also, we have been receiving water from them for a very long time, so we trust them.”

Other associations seem to be distressed. Mohini Rath, a single mother and leader of her JP Nagar complex association, has an issue with the water tankers themselves. She says “our personal borewell dried 18 months ago. Since then, we have been relying on tanker water. It is not of great quality either. While bathing once, I consumed a little by mistake, and it had a repulsive taste. That is a sign of harmful substances.”

The recent study by the Centre tells us that the groundwater found in Bengaluru has traces of chemical and other liquefied solids, at acceptable levels, or possibly more. Either ways, it is not regarded as potable water.

To combat this issue, Karnataka Health Department has ordered tankers to issue a compulsory health certificate. This is done to ensure safe, and consumable water.
Regardless of all that, to some, tankers are the only viable source of water. But some citizens have realised the harmful effects of tanker supplied water. Srividya, a resident of Koramangala tells Bengaluru Beat“there is no piped supply of water in my paying guest accommodation. My PG calls tanker owners for water supply, but many of my friends have fallen sick after consuming this water. That is why I have started ordering canned water. I am not putting my health on the line for cheap water”.