Unfinished structures loom over Ulsoor lake


What looks like a walkway or a bridge, has been built at the very edge of the lake, and its origin seems to be a mystery that no official is willing to speak about. The bridge has been built very sturdily, and is painted in green and yellow colours. The problem lies at the entrance and the exit of this bridge. There is no way to climb up onto it.

The bridge-like structure does not have an entrance.

Due to the infamy of one of the city’s largest and oldest lakes, too many people are now aware of the sorry state of this once glorious waterbody. A lake that looks serene and beautiful from a distance, greets all passers-by with a bad stench and the unholy sight of garbage lining it. Among the many cement structures that surround this lake, there is an odd silence about this structure, built  in a location that does not require its usage at all.

When questioned about the motive behind building this, many officials from the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike and the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewage Board, initially claimed not to know of its existence.

An official at the BWSSB said, “We do not undertake civil structures, so we are unaware of this.” This even though the structure is inside the boundary of the lake. When shown pictures of it, each office claims not to have taken any responsibility of this alien structure. It remains to be known whether the bridge, or walkway, has been built by any private community or other authority, although even these organisations would require the permission of the local government body to do so.

The lake faces many other problems such as extensive dumping of garbage around all the footpaths, and broken fences and netted grills everywhere. There are also garbage-bedded walkways towards the islands in the lake. The stench from the water body refuses to decrease and there seems to be an abundance of algae and other weeds growing along the shores of the lake again, possibly due to the visible pollution in it. Building new structures that are incomplete, is adding to the confusion already surrounding it.