The Ventriloquist Show – Chennai

Have you ever seen a dalmatian talking? Well, that was exactly what I saw at Phoenix Market City in Chennai. Except that the Dalmatian was a puppet and the voice was that of Satyajeet Padhye.

Satyajeet is a 34-year-old ventriloquist and a puppeteer. He is the son of the reputed puppeteer and ventriloquist, Ramdas Padhye. He has been interested in ventriloquism and puppeteering since his childhood. Satyajeet and his brother, Parikshit followed their father’s career path.

Satyajeet was a finalist in the show, India’s Got Talent, in 2008. He also performed in Amitabh Bachan’s Kaun Banega Crorepati in 2011. In addition, he made a guest appearance in the Tamil movie, “Unnai Pol Oruvan.” Padhye was also on the Disney show called “Big Bada Boom” and operated the puppet called “Bumpy.”  Bumpy was created as a prankster who used to call celebrities and ‘prank’ them on the show. He was Padhye’s co-anchors along with Tara, Murtuza and Zain.

Satyajeet performed at Phoenix Market City, Chennai on May 5, 2017. His was a ten-minute show that was repeated every 30 minutes between 5 pm and 7 pm.

He started off by introducing himself and brought on his friend, Dotty, the puppet. They had a funny script which engaged the audience to a great extent.

The jokes were targeted at a younger audience but were well received by all age groups. For example, he asked Dotty if he liked chocolates. When Dotty responded in the affirmative, he asked him “If you had four chocolates and you gave me two, how many would you still have?” For that, Dotty replied, “Four. I am not an idiot to give you any of my chocolates.”

Even though we may have heard this joke in some form or another, it was still well received due to the way he performed the joke.

The kids took the front row and were enjoying and laughing because of Padhye and Dotty’s jokes. Some of the jokes were in Hindi which was not understood by the audience. Maybe the hindi jokes slowed the show down but it was still thoroughly enjoyed by the audience.

Not many people know the technical difference between ventriloquism and puppeteering. A show like this one which gathered a good audience and kept them engaged shows that this art is not dead yet.

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