The Universe inside a theatre

The planetarium offers a wonderful learning experience about space and its many wonders.

The cosmos, as the name suggests, is a difficult system to study.The stars, planets, and the intricate galaxies have been a topic of fascination to everyone. The BASE (The Bangalore Association for Science Education) is helping the people of the city as well as its tourists to know a little bit about this amazing phenomenon. BASE plays the lead role in administering the Jawaharlal Nehru planetarium in Bangalore.

An Installation Inside the Planetarium Campus photo by Alexander Sam Thomas
The Main Building that includes the theatre and Exhibition. Photo by Alexander Sam Thomas

The planetarium in the city, unlike the traditional ones, not only has a theatre to educate the masses about space but it also has a science themed park, as well as an exhibition hall. The main highlight is the theatre show- a 45-minute documentary inside the dome-shaped theatre displaying the celestial wonders of the galaxy, through the eyes of one of the world’s greatest astronomer, Galileo Galilei. The documentary shows the astronomer educating the public on different constellations and the key discoveries he made in the 17th century. 

The summers have started bringing in a host of tourists from around the world, to the planetarium campus says Rajendra, the security guard. The planetarium seats about 220 people per show- that is five shows during the week and eight shows during the weekends, most of which are sold out, witnessing a house-full situation, he adds.

The planetarium was modified by engineers from Germany which is a key factor in the improvement of the planetarium. The authorities now allow PayTM at the booking counter due to high demands, says Hemanth Reddy, the PayTM employee. He also adds that a lot of people prefer using PayTM than cash.

“The show was a unique and wonderful experience, very educative and interactive and the only problem is that they don’t screen too many shows like this,” says a student from Maharashtra. “As a lover of hilltops, gazing at stars is a highlight to my expeditions and the planetarium is a wonderful place which gives an experience as close as what I gaze from the mountains,” says Jeswin, an employee and traveller.