Regrouped- Uniting through Art

Artist-Suresh Achar.

A unique exhibition by whetted artists and old friends, ‘Regrouped’ attempts to capture intangible emotions and philosophies through their eyes.

When a few friends from the Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, 1996, decided to put up a show at the Chitrakala Parishath, their alma mater, they had not thought of the possibilities of future collaborations. Almost a year later, these seasoned artists came together yet again, after a successful run at their last show, and have created an exhibition that they believe has outdone their previous efforts.

Artist- Raghavendra K

Aptly named “Regrouped”, the artists’ collective includes Hiranmayi, Jayalakshmi Shivaji, Suresh Achar and Raghavendra, friends, batchmates, and now colleagues, who presented their artwork to the public, at the Rangoli Metro Art Centre, from 21st-23rd April, 2017.

The team had  put together works including a variety of canvas and paper paintings. Suresh Achar, who otherwise specialises in photography, tried his hand at a new way of capturing nature. He said, “nature in its elements is an essential part of me. I depict my version of nature in a way that is fantastical, can be reached and touched.”

Artist- Jayalakshmi Shivaji

Hiranmayi explained that none of the artists has a speciality. “We keep experimenting with our work. It becomes monotonous to continue the same techniques”, she said. Her artwork focuses on the intangible state of attaining peace of mind. She believes that the human representation of peace can be seen most clearly through the persona of monks, who are the primary subjects of her series.

“I’ve recently lost my mother, who was diagnosed with cancer a year ago. In memory of her life, I have portrayed the flow of my emotions in my work,” said Jayalakshmi. Her art tries to capture the theme of ‘Unpredictability’.

The works of Raghavendra are untitled. He believes that giving titles to his paintings limits the possibilities of the audience’s perception. By not trying to express anything concrete through his work, he enjoys the different ideas, opinions and perceptions of the people who view his work.

The uniqueness of the exhibition lies in the individuality of each artist, even if they display their work as a group. All of the paintings weredisplayed in “Chaaya”, the exhibition hall at the Rangoli Metro Art Centre.

Artist- Hiranmayi