Re-vamping the Indiranagar Basketball Club

The Indiranagar Club after its makeover

The Ugly Indian recently conducted a spotfix at the Indiranagar Basketball Club that helped the neighbourhood children have a better space to play.

On the 29th of April, The Ugly Indian conducted a spotfix at the Indiranagar Basketball Club or Victory Grounds. The spotfix was expected to  start at 7:30am.

When I, along with a friend arrived, only three-four other men were present. One of them handed over face masks and gloves and a brush and instructed us to use it to remove the dust off the walls. We set to work and soon finished scrubbing down one wall. We then moved onto the next wall and by then, the children playing in the basketball court behind the wall started coming out. One of the coaches offered them three Frootis if they volunteer.

By then their parents  arrived to pick them up and almost all of them joined in too. Soon, all the children and their parents were part of the spotfix. Some of the boys along with their coaches used spades to move the crushed stones used for construction. Soon, around 15-20 people of various age groups had come together to clean up and help better the area.

The motto followed by The Ugly Indian is ‘Kaam Chalu Mooh Bandh,’ and each participant strictly followed it. The only discussion that took place between the strangers that had come together was while deciding who was to paint which portion.

Initially, the organisers had not anticipated so many volunteers so they had only planned to paint a small portion but because more people had come to help, a larger portion of the court and field could be painted. To have done more than what was first decided was a rather gratifying experience.

For me, the experience itself was fulfilling, knowing that children can now play without the pungent smell of urine hitting their nostrils. The fact that the children themselves had come forward to paint their space shows us that we may be ugly, but the future generations are not.

Joan Cherian