Price cap of film tickets now official

Tickets cannot be more than Rs 200 in Karnataka; few exemptions provided


Recently, movie ticket prices in Karnataka were capped at Rs 200 . A well speculated order, ever since it was hinted in the budget in early April; and the movie goers are all for it.

Soon after the decision to fix uniform price was taken, the Chief Minister of Karnataka tweeted- “Price cap applicable for all language movies. This is in line with our commitment of making cinema affordable to all.” This cap only exempts premium seats and special screenings, like 4DX, IMAX and ‘Gold’ seats. Also, only a certain percentage of seats can be regarded as ‘Premium’ or ‘Gold’ seats.

Most viewers are happy with this fresh change. Pranay, a movie enthusiast says “It is a welcome change. I can watch so many movies without hurting my wallet.” Aileen, a frequenter at the theatre adds, “my hostel is close to a theatre. After a hectic day at college, sometimes, my friends and I go to the movies. But it’s usually an expensive affair; as it can cost about Rs 300-400 for an evening show. I think this new order will allow for more outings”.

Even the theatre staff are happy with the new rule. Farhan (name changed) a manager at Cinepolis, told Citizen Matters, “this change benefits us and the viewers. Lower ticket prices allow for more viewers. Even though we lose out on the revenue garnered by tickets, the theatre earns most of its revenue from selling food items. More viewers result in more demand.”

But not everyone is completely satisfied with this rule. Satish, a local techie says “Rs 200 is still a lot of money. And that capped price is not even inclusive of tax. Plus, theatres can still charge exorbitant amount of money for ‘Gold’ or ‘Sofa’ tickets. In Chennai, every ticket is under Rs 120. It is a good move from the Karnataka government, but there is always room for improvement.”