Preserving the art of Theatre in the concrete jungle of Bengaluru

The number of artistes choosing theatre over cinema has increased over the years. This is because of the immense support from the growing number of schools and production houses around the city.

There is no dearth of theatres in Bengaluru. For theatre lovers the options are plenty. You have Rangashankara, Jagrithi Theatre and the likes in various corners of the city. Challenges that the theatre industry faces like low payment has not deterred the theatre artistes and wannabe artistes from taking it up as a profession. For them, theatre is a passion.

“The scope of theatre as a profession is high but one cannot expect to get paid like in the movie industry from just performing a single show on stage,” says Prarthana , the co founder of Baked Potato Productions. She also adds that theatre to the artistes is a form of a stress buster. Her experience, she shares, begins with a handful of strangers working on a production, but by the end of the production, they become a family.

Students Of Christ University Performing at Baptizer 2017. Photo by Alexander Sam Thomas

A city like Bengaluru has seen numerous plays over the years. Its roots go back to the time of the British rule. Theatre has been and still is progressing on a dynamic scale. Especially in this culture-teeming city, new artistses, new scripts, and new production crews come up on a daily basis.

Theatre is giving people something new to watch as well as something new to think about every single time. Even though cinema is a more popular and convenient choice for many people, Bengaluru holds no limitations or boundaries for theatre fanatics.

Meeting new people with the same interests and line of work can always kill pressure and stress. According to the artistes, theatre brings about different emotions. Pratheek Chandhra, a student of  Media and Communication at the Christ University says, “theater is like a place of relief for me. The fact that it needs utmost discipline and perfection makes me forget everything.”

Those like Pratheek believe that theatre is an art form that  equires the synchronisation of the mental, physical and spiritual self.

Black Pearl art performing at Christ University . Photo by Alexander Sam Thomas

“Theatre is an art which enhances the minds of those who watch it as well as those who perform and coordinate. It can be enjoyed by everyone” says Sreemoyee Gosh, a performing arts student, from Christ University as. Just like movies, music, or books, each genre of theatre has and is enjoyed by an audience with an interest towards the same theme, she adds