Pitching the idea of Her Stories, through Good Pitch Karnataka

Meeting with the Good PItch team. Pic: Priyanka Divaakar

At Good Pitch Local Karnataka, Co MEDIA LAB‘s Her Stories project will aim to train marginalized women to use media so that they can tell the stories of inspiring women of substance from their communities.

We are partnering with the Good Pitch Local team to pitch the idea for funding and supporting to interested stakeholders. Good Pitch Karnataka  is a day-long networking event showcasing short-form non-fiction media projects that are deeply relevant to Karnataka and its people. It is an opportunity for organizations to make a radical creative collaboration with mediamakers and changemakers within their communities and usher in an impactful change.

The goal of Her Stories is to make a repository of short videos of stories of strong women. These videos are meant to be shared easily and virally across popular chat channels like Whatsapp, as well as other platforms like Facebook or instagram.

These stories will be in the form of photos or video, produced using a smartphone about successful women. It could be about someone who has overcome challenges, someone who is a pioneer in their field, someone who has helped make a difference in others’ lives. They can be role models from all walks of life, who make everyday India click. Women who are shifting paradigms, even when the media is not watching them. And we want people from the community to tell these stories and also for the local communities to witness something made by their own about their own.