Noor: High potential; boring execution

This coming-of-age flick can’t balance between goofy and serious; a slapstick comedy with a clichéd story

Due to inadequacies of the script, Noor, the character, feels over-the-top. Source: Google

“Noor” is a comedy drama featuring Sonakshi Sinha, Purab Kohli and Kanan Gill. It follows the life of Noor, a Mumbai based journalist, as she attempts to have a social life, while maintaining a professional one.

This film is based on a Pakistani novel “Karachi, You’re killing me”, which is originally a crime-thriller. That fact in itself is confusing, as the movie turns out to be a comedy drama. An extremely severe conflict (discovering an organ selling racket) is presented in a convenient manner, to say the least, and never fully acted upon. Noor is too consumed in self deprecation to bother about much else.

That brings me to the narration. It lacks authenticity (some lines are directly from the book and feel as if the protagonist is literally reciting off the book)  and most of it seems shoe-horned into the film. It is long, monotonous, boring and extremely disorienting. It is disheartening to see a director use narration for moving the story forward instead of using scenes and sequences. Yes, it is important to give the character meaning and flesh out the roles, but Noor takes too long in doing that.

Noor, the movie and the character, are too busy focusing on superficial matters. The characters are quirky and funny for the most part, but the chemistry almost falls flat. Purab Kohli seems wasted in the film, as his role seems too serious and almost a sidestep from the emotion of the film itself. Kanan Gill performs significantly well for a debut, and gives the film something to look forward to. Sonakshi Sinha performs well and remains committed to her role throughout the film, but due to inadequacies of the script, Noor, the character, feels over-the-top.
Overall, this film is riddled with innumerable clichés and desperate attempts to be relatable. It is not painful to watch, but you will most definitely be better off without it. Find something more exciting this weekend; for this Sunhil Sippy film will most definitely disappoint you.