Join the Tribe and Travel for a unique travel experience

This traveling company provides enticing off the grid locations for travelers.

For many Bengalureans one of the most prefered ways to spend their leisure time is through travel. Going to c nearby places with friends and family is an all-time favourite.  Many people specifically like going for nature walks, trekking or camping out in the unknown.

Booking a hotel room or a resort and going to a location is not what today’s travelling crowd looks for.  Search on the internet  will expose us to wide genre of travel companies. . These companies provide people with trekking and camping on-sight packages but out of all this, a three-year-old Bengaluru-based company is making waves in the travelling scene around Bengaluru.

The One Tribe logo

One Tribe India is a company founded by Sharath Nambiar, Achyuth Nag and Madhusudhan Kashyap to cater to travelers on  budget travels. According to team , One Tribe is an “off-the-cuff” travel agency and is different from all other agencies because unlike other travel organisations they provide a more experiential travel package that fits into a budget. 

“It is an easy-on-the-pocket trip with an experience that you will find nowhere” says Achyuth Nag, co-founder of the organisation. The organisation is aimed especially towards the college-going community but that doesn’t restrict anyone from going for their trips. People of all age groups have come to love and patronise their company. One particular premiere package that One Tribe provides is called ‘Story of a 500’. In this package, the team takes you on an overnight trekking and camping experience to places around Bengaluru. They take care of  travel, food, accommodation – all for just 500 rupees..

The founders started this company to  change  people’s mentality towards travel.  “A lot of people think you need a lot of money to travel but we wanted to show how cheap and easy it is to travel,” says Achyuth, one of the founders. Even though you might come across a lot of companies providing traveling packages of a similar sort one tribe is unique because of the experience that each of its participants get after the trip and this can be seen in the company’s growth and how people respond to them.