Irregular and filled with sludge, the water in this slum carries the brunt of the summer water crisis in Bengaluru

The slums of LR Nagar

Here is a report on the water problems faced by residents of LR nagar slum

Summer in Bengaluru has been characterised by the shortage of water from all the water sources across the city. In such a situation, where water has become a priceless commodity, the slums of Bengaluru face more problems than they normally do when it comes to the consumption of water.

The LR nagar slum, near Koramangala, houses a community of house maids, auto rickshaw drivers and other helps. The people living there complain about only two things- the constant load shedding that leaves their city in darkness and inescapable heat, and the lack of clean water flowing through their taps.

Water cans filled with water.

Almost all of the houses are fitted with taps outside their houses. Yet, there are too many plastic pots and buckets that line the entrances to each house. Manju, who works as a house help for a living, says, “we get water once in three days only, and sometimes that water doesn’t appear for up to five days.” She says that to get clean water, the residents often have to buy water cans which are quite expensive for daily consumption. Each water can costs Rs 30, and many of the households require at least two-three cans for consumption everyday. None of them can afford water from private tankers.

Another resident, Lily, says, “we get water with a lot of sludge in it and it is not fit for any kind of use. Generally we allow it to go and have to wait for cleaner water to start flowing, which can take up to three hours every day.”

Buckets of water are used to clean utensils

Swati, who studies in the seventh standard, explains that her parents have been living​ in this locality for more than 20 years. She says, “we have to travel to the main road to collect clean water. Each street has its own supply of water, so some houses get clean water but many people don’t. We have complained many times but this problem keeps persisting and nobody helps us.”

Despite constant complaints by many, the residents claim that the councillor does not take any action, and whatever action is taken, is temporary and requires fixing every other week, rendering the service useless. Many people are frustrated by the inaction of authorities and laugh about the interest shown by MLAs only during election seasons.