Introducing Journalism Basics 101

The participants attended a webinar to understand basics of journalism


Comedia lab conducted a webinar on the basics of journalism for its citizen journalists on November 21, 2018. Citizen journalists from different parts of the city attended the session conducted by Co Media Lab’s Meera K, who is also a founder of Citizen Matters, a hyperlocal news website.

The session focussed on the importance of citizen journalism, and the different ways by which they could contribute. The participants also got a lowdown on the 5Ws and 1H of journalism, difference between news and opinion, new media journalism among others. The session also saw a discussion on news gathering and journalism ethics.

This webinar was conducted as a  part of Australia India Council Grants, where the participants receive constant mentoring by Co Media lab and have started contributing to a series of stories on issues that they are passionate about.