Indian Music Experience- A new wave for music

A soon to be opened interactive music museum is bound to create a wave in the hearts of music enthusiasts in Bengaluru.

A sense of bliss and peace can be felt as you enter the grounds of the Indian Music Experience (IME). A courtyard filled with trees and plants and the sounds of birds chirping brings a smile on your face. For the past six years the space has been building up a ray of hope for music lovers across the country. Soon Bengaluru will host  India’s first experiential Indian music museum, located inside the Brigade Millennium Apartments in JP Nagar.

The entrance to the IME opens into a unique garden. The IME welcomes its visitors with a ‘Sound Garden’. A space filled with innovative instruments to encourage IME’s visitors to participate in making music as well as to give a small glimpse of what the IME is all about. “The sound garden is a concept which brings about music’s most basic feature, that is sound”, says Dr Adity Gudi, the administrative executive of the IME. She adds, “music revolves around sound and the garden shows how much this is true.”


The compound has an unconventional building which includes the museum, along with an amphitheatre, cafeteria and a retail shop.The building also houses a learning space which is already open and is hosting classes for children in different genres of music such as the Hindustani classical music. It also conducts classes for instruments like mrithungam and keyboard as well as Bharathanatyam, adds Dr Adity.

Indian Music Experience focuses on showing Indian culture through its music and that is why it focuses on all genres and forms of Indian music. It even shows a separate room for contemporary music especially for the young crowd. The IME is a project initiated to create an emotional connection to music through various genres, according to the project proponents.

Indian Music Experience is expected to offer an amazing experience once it is opened for public. It will provide an interactive music experience to the listeners  where a person can enjoy the ragas performed by sitar maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar as well as listen to Carnatic fusion along with independant bands like Agam and Indian Ocean in the same space and enjoy the variety of Indian music instruments and artifacts.The team is hoping that they will open to the public by the end of this year.