How does one pitch a story?

Picture courtesy: Peter Durand/Flickr

Citizen journalists learn the basics of pitching a story to a publication

The citizen journalists met once again! However, this time it was on a virtual space. Comedialab conducted a webinar on the topic on December 13, 2018- How to pitch a story – for the benefit of our citizen journalists. The webinar was taken by Comedialab’s resident expert, Meera K, who is also the founder of Citizen Matters, the hyperlocal news portal of Bengaluru.

This topic was an extension of our previous meeting, where we discussed different types of stories that are done as part of journalism. The participants discussed their story ideas and worked with the facilitator to pitch them accordingly. They were first asked to think about why their story is important and explain it in the briefest way possible. They were later taught to elaborate the context of their story, video, podcast, photo essay etc. Subsequently they learnt how to focus on one particular angle of their story. Each participant also discussed about the facts at their disposal and the ways to source them for the benefit of the story. They also learnt how to make a list of people to talk to that could add value to their story.

This webinar was conducted as a  part of Australia India Council Grants, where the participants receive constant mentoring by Co Media lab and have started contributing to a series of stories on issues that they are passionate about.