Reimagining citizen-state communication practices: Workshop at a glance

Communications and Media Workshop

Journalists and DIPR officials in a panel discussion at the Communications and Media Workshop

It is more and more important for the state to identify and adopt newer forms and tools for communication, so as to create a seamless bridge between citizens and the state.

A workshop, organised on June 21st, 2018, brought together key stakeholders such as officers of the Department of Information and Public Relations (DIPR), Government of Karnataka and journalists. The day long workshop aimed at reimagining the department’s engagement with media and adopting new communications practices. The workshop was organised by Co Media Lab, a joint initiative of Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz and Citizen Matters.

The objective of the workshop was to review communications tools and strategies in engaging with media as well as citizens, gain insights into some latest digital tools and how they could be used to craft successful, high-impact and integrated communication campaigns.


Padma Priya, Program Manager at Radio Active, laid down the context for the workshop following which Shree D N, Associate Editor, Citizen Matters, sought the participants’ expectations from the workshop. Thereafter, Pinky Chandran, Co-Director, Co Media Lab, introduced the format of the workshop and invited P.S. Harsha (IPS) to present the opening remarks.

Journalists Vasanthi Hariprakash (The Pickle Jar), Shree D N and NAM Ismail (Prajavani) engaged in a dialogue with the participants and shared their experiences of working with officials of the department from across the state. This discussion resulted saw experiences and concerns of both groups – producers and consumers of information made available by DIPR – being aired.

The interaction was followed by a presentation by Girish Balachandran from On Purpose Communications explaining different approaches for communication campaigns, and how to structure it to make sure that it drives mass behavior change.

The next session introduced newer social media tools and best practices from the world of technology and journalism. This session was conducted by Thejesh GN (DataMeet) and Meera K (Citizen Matters).

The post lunch session was conducted by Pinky Chandran, Beula Anthony, and Padma Priya, all from Radio Active and was about the process involved in producing a community radio program. The workshop concluded with a reflection on the workshop from Padma Priya.