For the city’s police, May Day just another day

The Halasuru Police Station

What do the police forces of the city do on a Labour Day? A day when professional work takes a back seat, and is marked by celebrations, functions, demonstrations, meetings and general gatherings, is when the police forces of the city work harder than usual at their jobs.

International Labour day and May Day are celebrated all over the world by millions of people on May 1st. Middle and lower class people from different walks of life come together on this day to be recognised for the work that they do, which is otherwise ignored and most often, forgotten or undervalued.

The day is a public holiday all over the world for people who work for salaries. . To celebrate, many people come out with their families and enjoy the day in different ways. This year, in Bengaluru, the All India Central Council of Trade Unions (AICCTU) staged a rally in addition to the festivities that marked the day.

For the city to function normally, no matter what day it is, the law and order of the city has  to be in place. The Police Department of Bengaluru  works like any other day, if not with a keener eye for any mishaps that might take place.

When asked about how does he celebrate May Day, Inspector Ravi of  Indiranagar police station smiles and says, “we have to work 24 hours a day and 365 day in the year. We don’t celebrate any day. All days are exactly the same.”. 

Further asked if there are extra precautions to be taken, sub-inspector Narayanaswamy said, “we work like any other day. Since today is Labour day, there is extra security near the rally happening at Town Hall, but everything is fine here.”

Even at the Halasuru police station, all police officers are expected to report for duty, just like any other day. “If anyone has a personal reason, they can apply for leave, but otherwise we work as usual,” said  Inspector Amaresh of the Halasuru police station. When asked about what the day meant to them, all of the impeccably dressed officers answered in unison, that to them, Labour day did not exist. None of the officers get any special leave for the day, and the police do not celebrate it in any way.

While people from other professions and walks of life get this one day that is dedicated to appreciating and understanding their struggles, the police in our country remain in service on all days, working tirelessly throughout the year.