Citizen Co Lab, March 2017, Neighbourhood Paticipative planning


  • Pierre de Masse, Nishanth, Meera,
  • Harsha FoV, Nisha Thompson (DataMeet), Tejas Pande (IIITB?/Datameet), Srinivas Kodali (Datameet),  Radha Chanchani (WRI)
  • Kathyayini Chamaraj & Madhu (CIVIC), Lekha Advani – ALF, Pushpa- ESG
  • Nithya Ramakrishnan (WF Rising), Sudhir Ravindran, Nagesh (Bellandur Forum), DR Prakash – Osborne Road


  1. Sudhir Ravindran talked about his analysis of BDA master plan in his neighbourhood. >LINK
  2. Lekha: Fundamental issue that Masterplan is missing social equity and justice aspects. The Janaravedike meeting decided different groups will look at the masterplan from their lens – labour, governance etc. She talked about involving low income community members incl street vendors, etc.
  3. Nitha: Masterplans are all good in their design but execution is the issue.
  4. Sudhir:
  5. Harsha and Radha talked about , issues of gated enclaves
  6. Kathyayini – A Guide to Best Practices in Civic Engagement. She talked about two wards, Sagayapuram and Devasandra, where they had done the participatory planning and budgeting exercise. 


Data gathering about the neighbourhood – village maps, rajakaluve maps, Drishti / BDA site, GIS property id.

Audit roads in Master plan vs satellite map. Because roads are missing, or diff widths, or fragmented network.

Planning parameters

Structured activities to collect needs of the neighbourhood

A simple standard template to

Action Items:

  • Radha to share her analysis of roads in the previous master plan
  • Lekha Adavi will help reach out to street vendor groups, garment worker groups in diff areas – they will make a table of groups by neighbourhoods as applicable.
  • DRP volunteered to get any government doc required for this initiative (or otherwise)