Bringing Millets into mainstream agriculture

Photo by Alexander Sam Thomas

Bengaluru city is once again making waves by becoming the first city in India to host a trade fest named “Organics & Millets 2017.” Palace grounds is  witnessing thousands of people rushing to see and participate in this event. The big setup with people from all walks of life, from farmers to artists, people are taking to the event with great enthusiasm and appreciation. The “Trade fest” is a part of Karnataka’s agriculture minister Krishna Byre Gowda’s Idea,  Lets millet. 

The main focus of this trade fair is to promote organic farming and millets. A large tent is set up on the ground, giving it the feeling of a carnival or a fair. The whole atmosphere changes once a person enters the welcome arch. The fair consists of many different sections inside the compound.

“Most of the stalls belong to small companies as well as different state agricultural bodies, who are actively promoting the  effects and significance of millets and the need for supporting organic farming”, says Varsha from YourStory. Stalls sell almost everything related to millets and organic farming.

Agriculture Conference Photo By Alexander Sam Thomas

Another integral part of the fair is the Conference. Different experts conducted sessions on topics related​ to organic farming and millet cultivation. A Farmer’s workshop also took place inside the fair.

“A good two hours is required​ to have a look at what all is happening at the fair,” says Vikram Sankaranarayanan who helped the government in setting up such an event and has his own stall named Smileyfe.

The Trade Fair is a national event and has brought in people from all over the country. The trade includes most states in india and each state has its own stall.

The government of Karnataka took up this opportunity to help the farmers as well as the buyers. To destroy the middleman​ in the chain of supply is the  main goal. The trade fest is also a space where they show how farmers and buyers can connect without the help of middle men. The fair began on the 28th of April and continued till the 30th of the month.

Talks are going on about the possibility of a fair in January next year, according to Vikram.