BPAC Spotter breaks the curse

The BPAC app actually works; it does what it claims with finesse

BPAC SPOTTER is an application developed by Bangalore Political Action Committee. It was created to allow concerned citizen to complain directly to the civil agencies. Sounds familiar? Well, BBMP Sahaaya is also an app of similar kind, and we recently reviewed it here.

This app has about 1,000 downloads, and was last updated in March 2017. It has positive reviews all around, and has been given a rating 4.7 of 5. Spoiler alert; it is the best, most functional government-based application we have seen in recent times.

When we launch the app, we are greeted with a rather neat looking register screen. The first step is to register, and it is a very simple process. After registering, we are led to the actual home screen, which is again, very appealing. The fonts and the graphics seem to fit, and it really feels like the developer has spent a decent amount of time in production.

On the home screen itself, there are four options. “Spot and shoot”, “Pending (complaints)”, “Track complaints” and “Feedback.” As the tags suggest, “Pending” shows your pending complaints and “Track Complaints” can give you the live tracking of your complaints. Bonus points for the options bar. The options bar gives an elaborate tutorial as to how to lodge a complaint and use other facilities provided by this app. Nice touch.

As you choose the “Spot and Shoot” option, you will start to notice that the application actually has decent transitions. This  adds to the user experience. The effects do not seem clunky, and are pretty smooth. This app allows you to choose certain topics to complain about, and also their subtopics, to allow for a more detailed complaint. Apart from that, you can choose a specific agency, so that your complaints can work as per your convenience.

Once you have decided on the topic and the subtopic, the process is effortless; you can take a photo directly from the app to showcase the problem.  The app also asks for location permissions as it will locate you automatically and show you which ward you belong to. You can add comments and simply submit.

This is the first government-developed app that has worked without crashing. It has no compatibility issues-yet. This app makes it super simple to lodge a complaint. BPAC has done a good job with this one, and proved that maybe, just maybe, not all government apps are doomed.