Launching first edition of community media event ‘Sambhashane’

Bengaluru Dialogues: Sambhashane is a first of its kind event, and focuses on citizens and citizen media, and the urban ecosystem that includes diverse voices from civic and environmental spaces, social justice movements and arts and theatre.

It will bring community media practitioners, producers, industry stakeholders, academicians, journalists, community reporters and students to forge new relationships, learn and understand emerging and convergent media landscape, explore opportunities and network.

We shall explore —

  • the role and impact of local and participatory media
  • new developments in the space of traditional media, digital media and community media, and grassroots forums of community theatre, art and music, games and more
  • what helps redefine identity, foster community cohesion and build solidarity, promote civic participation and enhance community relations


The two parallel themes of the festival are:

a) Re-conceptualising Citizen/Community Media

Media bridges developments, ideas and voices across geography and time. The landscape is traditionally divided into three – the public service media, commercial media and community media. But with the coming of digital technology and social media, there is power in the hands of anyone with a mobile phone. How have these changes blurred the distinctions between different type of media? Who is the producer, who is the consumer?

b) Changing Boundaries of Media and Art

We explore changing boundaries within the world of art from a media space -digital and community media perspective. Digitisation has changed the way we create and communicate, and in return changing our perceptions, challenging our stand and offering a platform to express ourselves. Art, from time immemorial has been used to express, represent and foster dialogues. What happens when the two intersect? How then is the word “community”, redefined in the media and art space?

In recent years, Bengaluru popularly known as the IT capital of the country has been increasingly proving its mettle as a cultural capital that is inclusive and creative, embracing elements that connects platforms and forms.  From revival of wall paintings that speak on identity and gender, to musical performances to convey displeasure, from city walks, to poetry in the park, from campaigns on menstruation and composting on Facebook to representing voices, works and exhibitions in public spaces.


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Wed 26 Sep. 5pm Atta Galata, Koramangala

  • Festival Opening
  • Keynote: Conversations Long Pending on Community Art Projects [Arundhati Ghosh, IFA]
  • Panel: Bengaluru’s Community Media: A Space for All

Thu 27 Sep. 9:30 am Jain University, Palace Road

  • Panel: Youth and Media [IIJNM, Bengaluru]
  • Panel: Participatory Democracy in the Age of Digital Media [Takshashila Institution]
  • Colouring Public Spaces: Street Art and Graffiti [Aravani Art Project]

Thu 27 Sep. 6pm Lahe Lahe, Indira Nagar

  • Poetry and Performance of the City
  • Reclaiming the City: Talks

Sat 29 Sep. 1.30pm Mt Carmel College

  • Q&A on Contemporary Journalism Practice & Industry [Usha Rodrigues, Deakin University]
  • Meetup on Solutions Journalism  [Holly Wise, Texas State University, Fulbright Fellow]

Tue 9 Oct. 6pm Bangalore International Centre

  •     Talk: Truth, Independent Media and Impact on Citizenry [TBC]


The organisers and partners include:

  • Co Media Lab
  • Jain University
  • Deakin University, Melbourne
  • Australia India Council, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia
  • Community Broadcasting Association of Australia CBAA
  • Co Media Lab
  • Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bengaluru
  • The Takshashila Institute
  • Aravani Art Project
  • Bangalore International Centre

About this event

Jain University, through the Co Media Lab, is partnering with Deakin University in the project: ‘Capacity-building and knowledge-sharing in citizen journalism enterprise’.

The Co Media Lab is organising the Bengaluru Dialogues: Sambhaashane conference to bring media folks, experts and young people together, to engage and explore the twin themes of ‘Reimagining citizen media’ and ‘Changing Boundaries of Media and Art’

The event venue and hosting is supported by Jain University and Deakin University. The organising team are volunteers from Radio Active, Oorvani Foundation, Aravani Art Project, IIJNM, Takshashila and other groups and individuals.

About us

Co Media Lab (Community Media Lab) is a space for learning and collaboration for citizen problem solvers, community reporters and young journalists. It is a joint project of Radio Active CR 90.4MHz (licensed to Jain University) and Oorvani Foundation.