BBMP takes Combative Measures to Prevent Diseases

Pre-emptive measures are being taken by the BBMP in light of the rise in cases of H1N1 as well as for the coming monsoon season.

In light of the coming monsoon, the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike takes certain preventive measures to prevent the spread of communicable diseases.

With the advent of rain, the weather gets chillier and the chances of catching a cold are higher. Since flooding occurs, water stagnates and causes a surge in the population of mosquitoes. All of this contributes to our greater susceptibility to illnesses and diseases.

Dr Manoranjan Hegde, health officer in the BBMP said that, “to prevent communicable diseases, regular  fogging activities will take place and medical assistance will be provided.”

Communicable diseases are diseases that are easily transmissible like malaria, typhoid, influenza etc. Malaria is caused by mosquitoes and typhoid occurs because of contaminated food or water while influenza is caused by the influenza virus.

The BBMP engineers perform the safety precautions required in the aftermath of rains and floods. The BBMP takes preventive measures by fogging for mosquitoes and by misting chemicals. Fumigation is seen as an effective response in combating the spread of illnesses by mosquitoes. Awareness is made against the spread of certain diseases that commonly make an appearance during that particular season and even medical assistance is provided.

H1N1 cases have been on the rise in Bangalore and when asked whether any measures have been taken, Dr Hegde said that, “awareness is being made. Since H1N1 is an air-borne disease, the most important thing is for people to maintain hygiene.”

H1N1 or swine flu, as it is normally referred to, is caused by a strain of influenza that is found in pigs. H1N1 is a highly contagious disease that can be spread via air, skin to skin contact or by touching a contaminated surface or area.

Joan Cherian

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  1. Dear BBMP Official,
    I am staying in Kammasandra, Daaliya Apartment, Daddys Garden, Electronic city part. Our area is full of mosquitos.We want help from BBMP for carrying out the Fogging activities with pesticides.
    It will be beneficial for the health of our society to reduce the mosquitos population if fogging activity is carried out once in week atleast.

    Waiting for your favourable response.
    With Warm Regards,

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