Bangalore Transport datajam – an event recap


We organised a datajam on 29th of June along with our partners Datakind Bangalore, Open City, and Robert Bosch. 

What did do at the datajam?

The idea of the DataJam is to explore, analyze and understand the state of transportation and commuting in Bangalore using open data.

What kind of projects emerged from the datajam?

  1. Team – 7AroundaHexagon: This team worked on a project that looked at understanding the last mile connectivity provided by buses around metro stations to see if poor bus route optimisation causes traffic congestion.
  2. Team- Date with data: This team worked on a project that looked at establishing a relation between factors such as demography, gender, economic class, and different geographical zones and to use this information to create a relation between this data and the commute patterns of the people by the use of public transport in Bangalore.
  3. Team – Do we need to have a name? : This group worked on answering the following question- How can ridership be improved for existing BMTC bus routes? They looked at the bus routes at Bellandur as a case study.
  4. Team – Cab share: This team looked at how cab-sharing impacts the environment.
  5.  Team Route222: This group worked on understanding the utilization of BMTC buses on Route 222 in an effort to optimize frequency based on its usage.

You can also read this post by one of the volunteers of Datakind Bangalore.