Art for nature’s sake – A unique photography exhibition

The gallery consisted of various shots taken by the artist over the course of last year.

Anil Annaiah’s “Nature is Art for Conservation” is a Citizen Science initiative that uses art photography as the medium where the images challenge your perception of reality. His educative films called “Discovering Science Through the Lens” reveal nature’s secret for a sustainable environment.

Singapore Gardens

Anil Annaiah visits the Chitrakala Parishath every year on the World Earth day, which is celebrated on the 22nd of April every year, to showcase his photographs. Since 2014, the professional ad photographer and documentary filmmaker has taken time out to create different series of photographs to present each year at the same venue, based on the theme of earth .

“The previous three  years of “Nature is Art for Conservation” featured ‘Bangalore the Garden City’ among the other Biodiversity places across many habitats in Karnataka – Mysore, Coorg, Sirsi and Goa,” he says.

The Art for Climate and  Citizen Science Photography exhibition, is back for the 4th Consecutive year at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath. This year, he has presented  a story of similarities and  contrasts – featuring the wonderful ‘City in a Garden’ that is Singapore, with its Super Trees, and also showcasing earlier collections from the beautiful ‘Garden City’ of Bengaluru, along with other habitats. Along with the pictures, he displays short films of the plants and trees that he has shot.

The exhibition had many special trees photographed by Anil Annaiah

Although he is a commercial photographer and filmmaker, Anil’s love for nature and its mysteries keeps bringing him back to learn and explore more about the flora and fauna he sees around him. His latest exhibition has motivated him to take up a new style of photography, that deals with raw photographs. The pictures are unique because there is no lighting, and none of the pictures have been edited. There is no focus to any of the photographs, which, according to Anil, is a way of inciting audiences to delve deeper into what the picture is trying to display.

Anil Annaiah practices new forms of photography

“We are trying to use these pictures and short films, known as ‘Discovering Science Through the Lens’ in schools, so that children are uniquely fascinated by what is presented to them. When you see the picture of a tree, as opposed to a picture of a tree taken using this method, there is a difference in the level of curiosity that arises,” says Anil.

With each image and with each film, his goal is towards building awareness and a deeper connection with the abundantly giving nature around us and to awaken “A New Life Pledge” for the conservation of biodiversity. He encourages everyone to take the pledge and to be a citizen scientist. Even as I was leaving the venue, he called out after me and said, “don’t forget to be a changemaker!” which he believes should be an inherent part of all human beings.