Citizen Co Lab, May 2017, All about Borewells

Avinash Krishnamurthy, Director and Project Manager at BIOME gives us an understanding on what is the source of a borewell and the science below the surface.



The presentation below has more details on the subject.

Few of the Questions that came up after the presentation,

— Why dig a borewell? Will it be more cost efficient getting water from a tanker?
– Any difference between the water diviners and scientific hydrological testing?
– What is the depth that water is usually available in different areas? What is the maximum we should get down to? At what depth does one give up?
– Is there a best time to dig?
– What is the general scene in borewells drying up in Bangalore? How common is it?
– How often should we test the borewell water?
– Is a borewell better option or artesian well?

The Answers to a few of these Questions answered.

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