Citizen Co Lab, May 2017, All about Borewells

Avinash Krishnamurthy, Director and Project Manager at BIOME gives us an understanding on what is the source of a borewell and the science below the surface.



The presentation below has more details on the subject.

Few of the Questions that came up after the presentation,

— Why dig a borewell? Will it be more cost efficient getting water from a tanker?
– Any difference between the water diviners and scientific hydrological testing?
– What is the depth that water is usually available in different areas? What is the maximum we should get down to? At what depth does one give up?
– Is there a best time to dig?
– What is the general scene in borewells drying up in Bangalore? How common is it?
– How often should we test the borewell water?
– Is a borewell better option or artesian well?

The Answers to a few of these Questions answered.

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  1. Slides are valuable with information. Please also focus on groundwater pollution in peenya industrial estate area where industries may be letting in effluents into failed borewells which may be affecting the aquifer and affecting water quality, a dangerous threat for drinking water.

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