Co Media Lab (Community Media Lab) is a space for learning and collaboration for citizen problem solvers, community reporters and young journalists. It is a joint project of Radio Active CR 90.4MHz (licensed to Jain University) and Oorvani Foundation.

We explore convergence of media across genre – digital stories, podcasts, radio episodes, video explainers, performances, photography, face to face conversation and discussion.

We also encourage, support, train community journalists/producers, organising regular workshops on city issues, citizen journalism, media production, problem solving etc. In addition, we support young journalists – providing student internships and training for a live newsroom experience.


The team consists of volunteers from Radio Active and Oorvani Foundation. Jain University supports us with space for our activities. Our projects and events are individually funded by sponsors or partners to cover the cost.

Why the initiative

We are familiar with the Right to Access Media, but the Right to Communicate is a key aspect of democracy. Public discourse improves with diverse and informed voices. What’s more, citizens often have stories and first hand experiences to share with the rest of the community.

However lay citizens are often distant from media infrastructure, and more importantly, may lack the skills to communicate in an accurate and fair manner.  There is a need to facilitate more citizen journalists with tools and training so more community stories can be brought out.

In addition, there are few spaces where the diverse sources can be brought together to build a better body of knowledge and ideas for sustainable and inclusive communities, and drive it towards action on the ground.

This initiative was started by Radio Active CR 90.4MHz, licensed to Jain University and Oorvani Foundation.


Enable cross pollination of knowledge and ideas, amplify community voices and citizen engagement and build a culture of collective problem solving.


Serve as a newsroom and resource centre for community media, and

  • Organise workshops and courses on media and civic problem solving for citizen contributors and young journalists
  • Offer fellowships and internships for young people, through local and global partnerships
  • Explore new forms of digital media and storytelling, and collaborative journalism
  • Support citizen engagement and community projects


Board of Advisors